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Art.-Nr.: 886486, The Guardian of the SpiritSton, Lopang

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Lopang, Wazha: The Guardian of the SpiritStone. Shimane is an orphan running out of time and friends. His village of Manong carries a dark secret about the death of his father and it seems even the vultures, who hold the mysteries of the spirit stone are out to cut his life short as punishment for his father's crime. One strange man of the cloth comes to his aid but he is not what he seems. These two unlikely companions must work together within two days to thwart the unwanted attention of the vindictive chief, the morally compromised local priest and a traditional doctor with a grudge. Will Shimane dig out the truth of his father's death before it is too late or will the vultures take it upon themselves to hold him responsible for the chaos that threatens to tear Manong apart? - Wazha Lopang holds an MA in African Literature and is a lecturer at the University of Botswana. He has published short stories, the latest being in the 2013 Caine Prize Anthology entitled, "The Strange Dance of The Calabash". He is currently working on another novel entitled "The Colour blind Chameleon"

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